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Kei Hirata(Kei)

Chief Director/Coach
D.O.B:09. Sep. 1969

Kei was born in Kanagawa, Japan. When he was at Sendai University, he was selected to All Japan university selected team and U23 Olympic team. Became a professional football player at JEF United Ichihara and played for 2 years.


Takashi Matsumura(Matchan)

D.O.B:17. Dec. 1981

Matchan was born in Kanagawa, Japan. Coached at Kanagawa University football club for 6 years then moved to New Zealand in 2010. Worked at one of the soccer school in NZ for 4 years as an Academy coach. Coached many J league players and NZ national team players. After his chapter in New Zealand, traveled around the world mainly for football. (Went to FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014!) Came back to Japan in 2015. Has a lot of coaching experience both at domestic and abroad.

JFA Coaching B-licence holder

Tomohiro Shimizu(Tomo)

D.O.B:06. May. 1980

Tomo was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Studied at Kanagawa University and Yokohama Resort & Sports college. After graduation, besides working at the sports clinic, was educated by this NPO and became a coach. Currently studying about Life Skills in graduate school of Sports and Health Studies at Hosei University.

JFA Coaching B-licence holder
JASA Athletic Trainer
JASA Club Manager

Yoshihito Hishigaki(Yoshi)

D.O.B:13. Feb. 1982

Yoshi was born in Tokushima, Japan. He has been to New Zealand after he graduated Kinki University for studying English. Played for the New Zealand clubs, Onehunga Sports and Bay Olympic. Also educated by one of the soccer school in New Zealand to become a coach.

JFA Coaching B-licence holder

Noriyuki Fujita(Nori)

Assistant Coach
D.O.B:06. Apr. 1994

Nori was born in Tokyo, Japan. Currently studying at Toyo University.

Kou Watanabe(Kou)

Assistant Coach
D.O.B:25. Apr. 1995

Kou was born in Tokyo, Japan. Currently studying at Rikkyo University.

Arthur Yanagisawa(Arthur)

Assistant Coach
D.O.B:20. Jan. 1996

Arthur was born and raised in New Zealand. His football background is one of the best football academy in New Zealand called WYNRS. He participated U15 world tournament in Manchester as the Oceania champions. Currently playing football at Tokyo University while studying. Matchan had coached him at the academy in New Zealand.

Shoichi Koshimizu(Sho)

Support Coach
D.O.B:09. Jun. 1990

Sho was born in Kanagawa, Japan. After he graduated Kanagawa University, joined to Y.S.C.C.Yokohama (JFL at that time, currently J3). Currently playing for Sunshine Coast FC in QLD state league. Supporting us during his off season in Japan.