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BST School Term 3 registration is open!

Please register your children for BST School Term 3

We finally open the registration for BST School Term 3. Each class (Monday Class, Tuesday Classand Friday Class) is limited and order of arrival so please sign up ASAP. It’s getting warmer, let’s play football with us!

13th Apr 2018

Holiday Programme April.png

Holiday Programme in April, Register now!

Mon 9th ~ Fri 13th April 2018

Sorry for this late notice… We would like to take Holiday Programme in next week. It’s getting warmer so perfect time to do some exercise outdoor. Please come and join us. We are very looking forward to seeing a lot of kids at the holiday programme!
Please check here and register to secure your space.

2nd Apr 2018


Congratulations on your graduation!

Attended Umino Hoshi Kindergarten’s Graduation Ceremony

11 of Tsubaki Club (Wakaba Class) kids were graduated from Umino Hoshi Kindergarten. We attended their graduation ceremony as a guest this year again. Congratulations on your graduation! It seems some of them will be playing at Tsubaki Club (Aoba Class) when they became elementary school students. So see you next time!

15th Mar 2018


Happy birthday!

We held the Birthday Programme

We celebrated Sean and Yo’s joint birthday party. Many of their friend who came to the party made the party such a great one. Sean, Yo and their friends played so hard, therefore this birthday became an memorable birthday.
Please check Birthday Programme page and feel free to contact us if you are interested.

4th Mar 2018

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