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Birthday Programme


  • ・Celebrate children's birthday with football.
  • ・We will send coaching staff to the birthday party and provide football programme.
  • ・Programme is flexible on request, please feel free to contact us.
  • ・Up to about 30 kids in all. Please contact us if it will be more than that.
  • ・Please note that might need to book and pay to the facilities.
  • ・We can suggest some facilities, please contact us first.

Birthday Programme① Birthday Programme② Birthday Programme③

A flow chart until the party

  • Planning children's birthday party (date consideration)
  •   ⬇︎
  • Contact us
  •   ⬇︎
  • We will check coaching staff availability for requested date
  •   ⬇︎
  • Suggest the venue (request will be finished if you already have one)
  •   ⬇︎
  • Consider and select the venue
  •   ⬇︎
  • Booking the facility (payment)
  •   ⬇︎
  • Birthday party


  • ・20,000 JPY/2h if you are already a member of the After School Programme.
  • ・30,000 JPY/2h if you are not a member of the After School Programme.
  • ・Travel expenses for coaching staff is included.
  • ・Cost of facilities are not included. (you need to pay.)
  • ・Please pay in cash at the party or transfer into the bank account.


  • ・We will leave it to your judgment if it's rain.
  • ・If it will be canceled, please let us know no later than 2 hours before the party.
  • ・Please note that might need to pay the fee for the facilities even if you canceled the party.
  • ・In that case we won't charge the coaching fee.

Other notes

  • ・Please wear proper footwear. (training shoes or sports shoes is ideal)
  • ・Please wear specified footwear (indoor shoes etc.) under the facility's rule.
  • ・Please also follow the original rules of each facilities.