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Friday Class 


  • Students from BST Reception - Year 2, and the age of 4 - 7 yrs kids who can participate the training.
  • Capacity is 25 in order of arrival.


  • Payment by Term, calculated by 2,500 JPY/session.
  • Will discount from second child to 1,250 JPY/session as half price if brother/sister participates.
  • We also charge 15,000 JPY as an admission fee. It includes the cost of School Uniform. (shirt, shorts and socks)
  • Please pay term fee + admission fee (it doesn't need if you are already a member) in cash directly to the coach or transfer into bank account.


  • Basically we won't cancel due to rain. Will train if it's a light rain.
  • Respect your decision at the day of raining, but we don't refund even if you were absent.
  • Cancel only in case of very bad weather such as typhoon and lightning.
  • In that case, will decide at 12:00 and let everyone knows.
  • There is a possibility of cancellation by training facilities' functions.
  • When the training was canceled, that cost will transfer to the next programme in principles but we are able to refund if you want.

School Uniform

Kids Uniform.png

  • Recommend to attend the training with this school uniform.
  • The cost of school uniform is included in admission fee, we will give it to your children after we confirmed your payment.
  • Sizes are 130, 140 and 150.

Time schedule

  •    15:15  Please come to the BST courtyard after school, we will be waiting
  •       ⬇︎
  • about 15:20  Change to the school uniform
  •       ⬇︎
  • about 15:40  Walk down to Yoyogi Futsal Court together
  •       ⬇︎
  •    16:00  Training starts *Please come before training starts if you coming to directly
  •       ⬇︎
  •    17:00  Training finishes
  •         Break up


  • Going to the venue directly would be no problem. (please let us know beforehand if you would do that.)
  • Studs boots are not allowed. Please prepare molded boots or sports shoes.
  • Please let us know beforehand if you will be absent the training.
  • Make sure to bring a drink bottle.
  • Make sure to fill the name on your belongings. (kids will left behind something often...)
  • Please feel free to come and watch the training.
  • Training finishes at 17:00 and break up at Miyashita Park so please come to pick up your children.