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Monday Class 


  • ・Students from BST Nursery - Reception, and the age of 3 - 5 yrs kids who can participate the training.
  • ・Capacity is 10 kids in order of arrival.


  • ・Payment by Term, calculated by 2,500 JPY/session.
  • ・Will discount from second child to 1,250 JPY/session as half price if brother/sister participates.
  • ・We also charge 15,000 JPY as an admission fee. It includes the cost of School Uniform. (shirt, shorts and socks)
  • ・Please pay term fee + admission fee (it doesn't need if you are already a member) in cash directly to the coach or transfer into bank account.


  • ・Basically we won't cancel due to rain. Will train if it's a light rain.
  • ・Respect your decision at the day of raining, but we don't refund even if you were absent.
  • ・Cancel only in case of very bad weather such as typhoon and lightning.
  • ・In that case, will decide at 12:00 and let everyone knows.
  • ・There is a possibility of cancellation by training facilities' functions.
  • ・When the training was canceled, that cost will transfer to the next programme in principles but we are able to refund if you want.

School Uniform

  • ・Recommend to attend the training with this school uniform.
  • ・The cost of school uniform is included in admission fee, we will give it to your children after we confirmed your payment.
  • ・Sizes are 130, 140 and 150.

Time schedule

  •     14:50  Coaching staff will go to pick up Nursery kids to classrooms
  •        ⬇︎
  • around 15:00  Change to the school uniform
  •        ⬇︎
  • around 15:15  Going to the venue by taxi
  •        ⬇︎
  •     15:30  Training starts *Please come before training starts if you coming to directly
  •        ⬇︎
  •     16:15  Training finishes
  •          Break up

Other notes

  • ・Going to the venue directly would be no problem. But we need to know that for the taxi arrangements, so please let us know beforehand if you would do that.
  • ・We may ask some of the parent to get on the taxi with the kids depend on the number of the kids. Please cooperate with us. (we pay the cost of the taxi.)
  • ・Studs boots are not allowed. Please prepare molded boots or sports shoes.
  • ・Please let us know beforehand if you will be absent the training.
  • ・Make sure to bring a drink bottle.
  • ・Make sure to fill the name on your belongings. (kids will left behind something often...)
  • ・Please feel free to come and watch the training.
  • ・Training finishes at 16:15 and break up so please come to pick up your children. However, the kids are small so it would be great if you could come at around 16:00 for in case.